Images of American flag taken by Apollo 14 astronauts provide fuel for conspiracists

Images of American flag taken by Apollo 14 astronauts provide fuel for conspiracists

(Please note that below this article you will find moon

hoax pictures and comments by A Truth Soldier)

Astronaut Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin poses next to the U.S. flag July 20, 1969 on the moon …

Two frames of film taken from inside the Apollo 14 lunar lander in February 1971 …

By Peter Rakobowchuk, The Canadian Press | The Canadian Press  Sun, 3 Apr, 2011

MONTREAL – Did all the manned U.S. lunar landings between July 1969 and December 1972 actually take place or were they hoaxes?

A Canadian book publisher has taken a closer look at images acquired by the Apollo 14 astronauts just before they left the moon 40 years ago.

What Robert Godwin uncovered will probably provide more ammunition for those who doubt a U.S. astronaut ever set foot on Earth’s celestial neighbour.

Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are credited with being the first humans to set foot on the moon, on July 20, 1969.

One frequently used argument is that video of the Stars and Stripes planted on lunar soil appears to show the flags blowing in the wind  even though there’s no atmosphere on the moon.

Godwin says two frames of film taken from the Apollo 14 lunar lander in February 1971 may lead some people to believe that’s true.

In one frame, the American flag is pointed to the right, while in another frame, it’s pointing in another direction  to the left.

Godwin, 53, says he was drawn to Apollo 14 after viewing high-resolution images of that landing site which were taken recently by a lunar reconnaissance satellite.

“I’ve watched every scrap of film, every scrap of video and looked at every single photograph I got from NASA,” he told The Canadian Press in an interview from Toronto.

That amounts to about 40,000 still pictures and “many, many hours of film footage”  and all TV footage from Apollo 11 through Apollo 17. (The Apollo 13 mission had to be aborted before the spacecraft reached the moon).

He tried to stitch together a composite picture to show the entire view out the window of “Antares”, the Apollo 14 lunar lander, using some photos.

Godwin said one still image was missing  but, fortunately, the astronauts had filmed it with a movie camera from almost exactly the same location.

“So I went to grab the final part of the missing panorama from the 16-millimetre movie and in the process of doing that I realized there was this interesting disparity between frames on the 16-millimetre film,” he told The Canadian Press.

“My first reaction was: ‘What’s going on here? How is it possible that the flag can turn around 120 degrees?’.”

Godwin says he also noticed that the shadow of the big antenna that astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell used to communicate with Earth disappeared from one frame to the next.

“That’s a pretty big thing to have disappear,” said Godwin, who has written or edited more than 100 books and is the founder of Apogee Books.

Godwin says that on further investigation, he discovered that the American flag had also been flipped around on the Apollo 12 mission.

And that’s when his concerns about the flapping flag were put to rest.

“In fact, it had happened on Apollo 12, that 55 minutes before liftoff, part of their procedure was to test-fire the thrusters on the lunar module,” he said.

“That’s basically a pretty big rocket engine  just above where the flag is located  and when they did that, it blew over the antenna that was communicating with the Earth and it rotated the flag about 120 degrees.”

The same thing happened with the Apollo 14 thrusters.

Godwin adds that the small rockets were powerful enough to set off a seismometer which was set up about a quarter of a mile away.

Bart Sibrel, a Nashville, Tenn., filmmaker, has remained skeptical about the American boast that they landed men on the moon.

He even documents his arguments in a 2001 video called: “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon,” which is available on the Internet.

Among other claims, the video wonders how the lunar-bound astronauts could have survived travelling through the dangerous Van Allen radiation belt which circles the Earth.

Sibrel and a camera crew confronted many of the lunar astronauts after they returned to Earth, demanding they admit the landings were faked.

He was punched in the face when he went after Aldrin, but a U.S. judge later dismissed the assault charge against the astronaut.

The conspiracy theorist was contacted twice by The Canadian Press, but did not respond when asked to comment on the Apollo 14 flag images.

But Godwin says he has answers to the questions raised by the non-believers.

He dismisses claims that fans on a movie set were making the flags move, arguing the banners were set in motion by the astronauts who planted them into the lunar surface.

“There’s a spring inside that flag (and) when you let go of the pole and stop shaking it, the spring has momentum and the flag itself has momentum,” he explained.

“It continues to wobble until that momentum has been dispersed.

“There’s no air to stop it from flapping so, in actual fact, the momentum will continue longer in a vacuum than it will in air.”

As for passing through the lethal Van Allen belt, Godwin says the astronauts just blasted through at the thinnest point.

“If you were to stay in, it would kill if you stayed inside the belts for a week, but they didn’t,” he added.

But his strongest argument is that all Apollo missions were tracked by the Jodrell Bank Observatory in England, a privately owned facility  and the Russians.

“If anybody had a vested interest in saying it was faked, you’d think it was them,” he said.

“Even the Russians sent letters of congratulations saying: ‘Well done’!”

Godwin’s current project is “New Horizons”, a photo book featuring lunar panoramas from the Apollo missions. It will be released in July.

Different Shadows angles

Where did that moon buggy come from? Look at the landing craft..

where would they have attached it? How could they have assembled it?

This whole moon landing is a hoax..and the films they showed to the world were run at half speed to make them more believable.

The whole production was done at area 51…


Dark Side of the Moon Landings – FT094
The idea that we went to the Moon – and that we were successful in our
Apollo endeavours – is so firmly embedded in the cultural lives of most
people on this planet, that to voice the opinion that this might be untrue
smacks of paranoia and to present evidence for these doubts smacks of
heresy. If this opinion is correct, then the majority of us have been
conned; that, we’ve been taken for a ride that has lasted 27 years. A ride
that’s been generating its own momentum and most of us are still on it!
Throughout aviation history and space exploration, the prime and lasting
record of our achievements has been preserved as photographic images,
movie film and in recent times, television coverage. We are in no doubt
that these records reflect the actual events as they occurred, disasters
and triumphs included. Particularly in the exploration of space – and
going to the Moon is a perfect example in which there are no independent
witnesses to the actual events- we have the right to expect the record to
be genuine, honestly portrayed, and responsibly reported. In actual fact,
mankind has no proof at all that we ever set foot on the Moon, other than
the photographs that NASA has elected to publish. In this article, David
Percy, an award winning film and TV producer, ‘focuses’ on some of these
images, formulating the kind of brief that might have been given to the
first lunar surface photographers to produce such questionable images.
While such matters as the alleged Moon rocks are important, if the Apollo
photos are faked, then they and everything else will find its own place in
this NASA jigsaw. 

We are now waking up to the possibility that NASA’s photographic coverage
of the landings on the Moon between 1969 and 1972 may not be genuine –
this includes both the film and the TV broadcasts. Following detailed
photographic analysis of NASA images, I have gained compelling evidence
that there was indeed a falsification of the record and although NASA
might seek to justify its actions, there can be no acceptable defence for
such dishonesty. Those whom I call ‘Whistle-Blowers’ appear to have
encoded the information needed to discover this sad truth. Their
information is found in the photography, in the processing and in the
final compositing and retouching. I have organised my discoveries under
the headings of a series of photographic rules.
Photo rule No 1:
Light travels in straight, parallel lines at any given moment. Shadow
directions are constant because the light comes from the sun over 90
million miles away.
Take a look at photo 1, typical tree shadows. Notice the virtual parallel
lines of shadow – and the shadow side of the trees is dark. No detail.
This is not surprising.

Now compare with the panoramic shot, photo 2, supposedly taken on the
Moon, you can work out where the sources of light are! … Not very far
away! These shadows are not parallel.

In photo 3 they converge to a point on the alleged lunar surface. This is
an impossible situation in natural sunlight. Also notice that the shadow
side isn’t dark and the shaded side of the gold visor reflects a bright
source of light. Very surprising! Daytime on the lunar surface lasts for a
period of 14 ‘Earth’ days, but in the NASA images, shadow lengths vary
within the time frame (a few hours or days) of the alleged mission. Shadow
lengths are at odds with the sun angles at the time of the supposed trip.

For example, during ‘Apollo 11’ the sun was at 10 degrees above the
horizon but the pictures depict 30 degrees or so! See photo 4. Is this a
mistake, or a Whistle-Blower’s clue? Varying shadow lengths within any
given picture or TV scene imply more than one light source, sometimes
positioned at different heights! Clearly, if a picture is genuine, it’s
not possible to have variations in shadow direction within any one

The shadows in photo 5 are all over the place.

Again in photo 6, there are more shadow ‘problems’ with the rocks. Long
shadows, short shadows, grey shadows, dark shadows, some filled-in, some
not filled-in – real Whistle-Blowing!

The TV image, photo 7, is another example of differential shadow lengths.
Additionally, there is visual evidence of the use of a large, very near,
ARTIFICIAL source of light.

The TV image, photo 8, shows a reflection of a light source occupying

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