How To Stop NWO: We can eradicate it simply by shining the light of truth on it.

How To Stop NWO: We can eradicate it simply by shining the light of truth on it.

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How to Stop the NWO

March 21, 2011

(left) Sarkozy and Cameron exchange a Masonic (thumb on knuckle) handshake. All our “leaders” are errand boys for the Illuminati.

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

It reads like a bad script for a B-movie. Humanity is taken over by a satanic cult. Everyone must secretly pledge allegiance to this cult if they want to advance. Members are compromised and blackmailed to ensure loyalty.

Although this cult’s monuments and symbols are everywhere, no one dares to mention its name, or challenge its dominance.

Murphy’s law is true. If it can go wrong, it will. For humanity, it has.

Western “civilization” itself has been subverted by this cult. The so-called “enlightenment” represents a rejection of man and God.

A tiny clique of Cabalist bankers, the Illuminati, have supplanted God (i.e. the natural and moral laws of the universe) in the specious name of “humanism,” “reason,” “progress.” Henceforth, they will determine what is healthy and natural, i.e. homosexuality, promiscuity, pedophilia, incest.

Today, humanity is firmly in their satanic grip, and sinking deeper into a coma. The ship of civilization is sinking beneath the waves while the passengers are asleep. To use another nautical metaphor, we are up a creek without a paddle.

The Illuminati bankers manipulated events to destroy the institutions of Christian civilization — religion (God), race, nation and family — and induct humanity into their cult. This is the “New World Order.”

They instigated and financed wars to destroy the nations and then hyped the authors that spread alienation and disillusionment. They hold humanity prisoner by their mind control. It’s no coincidence that the mass media is controlled by a handful of corporations with occult logos.

The subversion of humanity by this tiny cult and their allies is the suppressed true history of the modern world. This is the only real conflict; Illuminati versus humanity. The others have been staged as diversions.

nice photo.jpgDENIAL

Despite all the evidence, we are in denial. We don’t really believe in this conspiracy. It’s like learning we have terminal cancer. We don’t want to know. The mass media keep telling us that our democratic and cultural institutions are sound and responsible. We prefer to believe that. We suffer from a cognitive dissonance.

The conspiracy is real and it’s much worse than we think.  Powerful people  have lived and breathed this plot for centuries. They have erected a vicious police state behind the facade of democratic government and liberty. The charade of “fighting terror” is a pretext to imprison the general population.

The Protocols have been realized. The Illuminati want to own and control everyone. They want to be God. They contrived all the revolutions, the world wars, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam, the JFK assassination, 9-11, Iraq and Afghanistan and the “war on terror.”

Today, they are busy stealing Gadhafi’s wealth. (They prefer puppets to bloated national bosses.)

They are responsible for engineering women to fear and distrust men, better to divide and conquer. They are responsible for “sexual liberation” (aka enslavement) which reduces all human relationships to a cheap ejaculation. They use sex to systematically degrade us, to make us their cattle.

We’re free in a limited individual sense, thank God. But collectively, we are being farmed. If they really cared about freedom, they’d empower us. They’d teach civic values, patriotism and history. They’d foster strong male-female relationships, marriage and families.

Instead they sabotage us. Educational and cultural standards are lowered. Their “entertainment” spews occultism, porn and gruesome apocalyptic visions.

Humanity suffers a form of arrested development. We are in a trance. Sequels and remakes. Nothing new, or true. We’re not going to make our intended rendezvous with our Creator.


A conspiracy requires secrecy and darkness to thrive. We can eradicate it simply by shining the light of truth on it.

We must expose its participants and their foul deeds, starting with 9-11. Our leaders and mass media are traitors, guilty of complicity in mass murder and cover-up.

The first job of a government is to ensure that it isn’t taken over by a satanic cult. Our governments have failed. They have no legitimacy.

The Illuminati needs legitimacy to function. We can take that away. We need to reveal the truth to as many people as possible. We need to help their dupes see the true, common enemy.

We are a tiny sliver of the population. But, as the Illuminati tyranny becomes more onerous, many more people will seek the explanation.

We must resist peacefully. Anything else plays into their hand. But we should be armed and prepared to defend ourselves. In my view, the widespread ownership of guns is the main reason Americans are still relatively free.

Civilization is based on spiritual absolutes like truth, justice, love, and beauty, which they systematically undermine. They are destroying civilization.  Let it not be said, we slept and didn’t even notice.

Comments for “How to Stop the NWO”

Rodney said (March 26, 2011):

Response to Austin

Austin, you do realize that 90% of so called “Christians” are the biggest part of the problem? They are all for the NWO agenda. Most people that claim to be follower of Christ (Christians) have been brainwashed by the preachers coming out of the seminaries for the last 60 years. Yes, I agree if true bible beleiving Christians would act on that belief in faith then we could turn things around and get the satanist out. I would say that it is the so called “christians” that are the one’s that are spiritually blind (John 3:3)

There are very few Christian’s left who practice the tenants of Calvin, Luther, Knox, or Wesley. Christians have become a product of their time.

Laura said (March 24, 2011):

If a small percentage of the churches (ref: Chuck Baldwin’s current article in News with Views) stood up for truth, moral standards, patriotism, and exposed evil, this country wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in… I see slim hope, as I’ve been exposing the Elite now for decades and the ones I knew that were also doing this, many are passed on. Public schools, universities and churches are brainwashing us into one world, multiculturalism agendas. The “bad guys” could close the banks, declare martial law any time

Mac said (March 22, 2011):

As to stopping the NWO, It seems the starting point is to understand the nature of our captivity. That understanding is very simple, even subtle and is only a click away.

At the url below you’ll find a trilogy of three very short articles I know you are very familiar with. They are drawn from my 2007 ebook entitled – Desiderata Of The Citizen Vote. The first two document what has happened and how it has been accomplished. The last details precisely what to do about it. I am quite proud to know you Henry. My best/mac

Austin said (March 22, 2011):

Oh dear, the prophets of doom are filling up your website once more! One feels that praying to “the Mother of God” will suffice to apease an angry deity, another, a gnostic heretic believes that ‘we’, the rest of western Christendom are all deluded, another honestly believes that most Christians are subjected to some kind of wierd cultic ‘priesthood’ (not me,) and our favourite satanist, Mr Fuzzdick rants about the ‘blood and guts’ spilled by both Protestant and Catholic alike, down through the ages. Another still, would rather believe in David Ike’s aliens and reptilians than anything decent like salvation through Jesus Christ, God’s sacrificial Lamb. Looks like we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here, Henry.

Jesus Christ stated himself that “all who came before me are thieves and robbers” (John 10:8 – all false religions) and the apostle Paul tells us in 1st Timothy 4:1-3 about what kind of ‘religious priests’ etc we will have in the end times and warns us to avoid them. Hypocrisy will abound, and deceiving demons will take the likes of Fuzzdick and spin him around until he bores his own person mineshaft down into hell. Not to mention the continuous human sacrifices that satanists and black witches allegedly offer on a daily basis all around the globe – how’s that for ‘blood and guts’?

I make no apology for being so hard hitting, as time is short and those who fail to see the need to repent of their wickedness now, will fail to see their deeds as being wicked at all, one day soon.

The Bible says it all in John 3:3 – Jesus Christ said “Except a man be be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God” and it is this spiritual blindness that will open wide the doorway to destruction for many in these last days. Christ teaches that the entrance to true spiritual life, is through a ‘narrow door’, and “few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14) Straight after this verse, Jesus warns us about false prophets, and to beware of ‘wolves in sheep’s clothing’ – don’t ignore these warnings and you just might find your way to heaven’s door – Jesus Christ Himself – not a religion system as such.(John 10:9).

Anca said (March 22, 2011):

More than ever we need God in our lives and we must shield our minds and souls from the orchestrated mind control and technological trance we have all been victims of. Time to raise the curtain and see the evil machinations behind the scene and time to stop believing the “bewitched” world as satan presnts it to us.

As Fr. Seraphim Rose stated before he died: “the psychological trials of dwellers in the last times will equal the physical trials of the martyrs. But in order to face these trials we must be living in a different world.”

The Bible speaks of spiritual strongholds, which affect our mind, will and emotion. These are easily attacked by Satan, so the battlefield is in our mind, psychologically speaking. “

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. ” 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.

Strongholds are high levels of demonic influence (not possession) in any area of the spiritual faculties of an individual. Our spiritual faculties consist of our minds, our emotions and our will power. Think of people caught up in some sinful behavior like atheism, unbelief, stealing, greed, alcohol addiction, drugs, sexual sins, promiscuity, pornography, homosexuality, uncontrollable anger, compulsive gambling, and so on.

They feel easily pulled to or controlled by whatever matter that is entrenched into their lifestyle. Psychology would explain it as patterns of thinking and behaving, true-but there is the spiritual component as well.

Strongholds are destructible through our indirect weapons of spiritual warfare, prayer and deliverance. They are not demolished by directly confronting certain spirits in geographical territories, familiar spirits, generational spirits, Jezebel spirits, spirits of depression, anger,unforgiveness, addiction,division,divorce etc.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject you, that you may be no priest to me. Because you have forgotten your God’s law, I will also forget your children.” Hosea 4:6

WG said (March 22, 2011):

Once again you have made sense of, and laid out perfectly what we need to know. One of the most profound statements ever made, in my humble opinion is one made by J.Edgar Hoover, “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” We are living in such a conspiracy, and so many are not oblivious to it, they just do not understand it.

It is thanks to men like yourself, we are able to grasp not only what is going on, but also the “who” and the “why”. It’s not an easy task waking up the masses, but we only need a small percentage to invoke change. I pray for strength for all of those on the front lines.

Thank you again for another straightforward article.

Jim said (March 22, 2011):

Great article, one of your all-time best in my view. I pretty much agree with everything you said, and with the three comments you posted at the end. I almost agree with the last one by Michael… what he wrote would be workable except for one thing, which I believe is the main thing in all this, which is that the American public are addicted to entertainment/TV and aren’t going to give it up, not even if faced with being overrun by a fascist totalitarian police state. It’s as if the whole populace is in the process of committing slow suicide, very slow, almost imperceptibly slow, which is why hardly anyone sees it happening. The only thing that can possibly turn things around now is a divine visitation, i.e. an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

When enough people start praying for that to happen it will happen. There are people praying now for it to happen and there will be more and more praying for it to happen as time goes by. I believe it is going to happen within the next five or six years and that when it does it will upset the NWO applecart to such a degree that it will cause such outrage in TPTB that it will trigger the persecution foretold in the New Testament. In the meantime trying to wake people up may seem like the thing to do, but my experience of the last ten years of trying to do it has been that people don’t want to know, just like you said. But the power of prayer can change everything.


Thanks for this. I’m afraid God made the mistake of relying on us to perform his work.


Dan said (March 22, 2011):

The article sums up the current condition in under 800 words. You know me, I believe the first step anyone must take is get their own internal affairs in order. We live in the age of the ‘mystery of iniquity’ – which means – on some level people cooperate with their masters and don’t even know it.

By cooperation I refer to ‘lifestyle’ which involves promiscuity, greed and avarice, infidelity, duplicity as normal or worse, as ‘human rights’. The prevalence of this is why Europe and North America are now at the mercy of real Satanist – or Existentialists – I don’t know which is worse.

Abe said (March 22, 2011):

Just thought I’d let you know that your website has been dynamite lately and since you asked for light on the facts I suggest you check out Mike Rivero’s expose showing that Japan’s GE built Siemens reactors at fukushima were disabled by Israel’s stusnet computer virus which was designed to disable Iran’s GE built Siemens reactor at Busher. Israeli company Magna BSP was also handling the plants security. Keep up the good work and great guest contributions.

Michael said (March 21, 2011):

Our post-Christian populations are frantic but unorganized. Democracy is just Illuminati code for rule by the Satanic societies by which politicians are compromised and blackmailed to ensure sufficient loyalty, you said. My personal understanding is that we turned
away from God and thus deserve rule by organized evil unchallenged since 1965 when the Church went down like a brain-shot elephant.

That event was correctly called the 60’s Revolution. Now, how to reverse it; how to rebuild the the very bedrock of our successfully shattered civilization?

You said the Illuminati need legitimacy to function, so, how can patriotic citizens snatch control of the legitimate authorities from the globalists? The strategic answer:– by telling everybody to tell everybody to stampede into the country’s main political party, whose memberships are routinely minuscule.

This is because the globalists are so well organized that demoralized men of principle do not lower themselves to join parties and parley for pre-selection with fleas, spiders and scorpions. Men of character are not in politics!

If moral elites can be induced to join, then their populist supporters would quickly overwhelm the Satanists’ catamites. Compromised politicians would be replaced by virile intellects of statesmanlike potential in national legislatures. Under that influence anti-morality would automatically be replaced over the law with the immutable precepts of universal jurisprudence – the precepts of Christianity!

This idea is as feasible as the man in the street just joining up, so Web anti-globalists should propagate it.

Henry Makow is the author of A Long Way to go for a Date. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto. He welcomes your feedback and ideas at


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