Radiation Risks – READ CAREFULLY

Radiation Risks – READ CAREFULLY

750 RADS in AZ possible. look at your home on the map

Everyone: I recommend that you keep this info handy as news of the approaching  fallout

is eventually released to the American public, though that will happen far  too late to do anyone any good, as is usual for our gooberment and our

gooberment-controlled media.

There is no level of exposure to radiation that is beneficial.

There is no level of exposure to radiation that is harmless.

Even very low doses of radiation pose a risk of cancer


Please keep these facts in mind when you see the talking heads of the news

media trying to placate the public by saying things like “it’s not  dangerous”.

The word dangerous, in this context, is highly subjective and relative.

It  is also beside the point.  There is no level of radiation that is good for

you, so any level of exposure is automatically not good for you.

Please keep in mind that I earned the “3R” Modifier to my MOS when I was  in

the Army, which was the result of my attending the two-week “short course”

on Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Defense.  I was certified to serve as

an NBC Equipment Officer while I was in the Army, and I know a thing or

two  about NBC Warfare.

The “international” standard for radiation measurement is the “Sievert”,

which is a metric standard.  One thousandth of a Sievert is a

“millisievert”, which is what the news media has been using to report the  levels of radiation in Japan:

“Dose rates of up to 400 millisievert per hour (mSv/hr) have been reported  at the site.”


Here in the USA, we have for decades used Rems and Rads, which are based

upon an English standard.  The differences are somewhat confusing, so I am

going to break this down to more easily understood measurements.

If you have old surplus Civil Defense dosimeters or Radiation Survey Meters

(also inaccurately called “Gieger Counters”), these will be in  measurements

of Roentgens or Rads, not millisieverts, so knowing how to convert between

the two standards will become important very shortly.

No, the following conversion is not scientifically precise, but it is  close

enough for our purposes on the ground.  Nuclear physicists may split hairs

as often as they split atoms, but that does not mean that we, as the  people

who actually have our lives on the line, cannot come up with a more useful

way of measuring our own level of risk.

A “Rem” and a “Rad” are virtually interchangeable for field measurements.

True, they are not exactly equal, but they are close enough.  One  thousandth

of a Rad is called a “millirad”.  One thousandth of a Rem is called a  “millirem”.

One “Rad” is roughly equivalent to .876 Rem, more than close enough for me

to calculate them as equal.  By the time you worked out the exact

conversion, you might be cooked, so don’t worry about the fine differences

when you are trying to calculate whether you should close the door to your  underground shelter.

1 millisievert (mSv) = 100 Millirems (or Millirads)

10 millisieverts = 1000 Millirads = 1 Rad

So, roughly speaking, you need 10 Millisieverts to equal one Rad.

Looking at the above news report from the BBC, we see that today the  Japanese are admitting to 400 Millisieverts per hour of radiation on the

ground within 20 miles of their former nuclear reactor complex.  That  roughly equates to about 40 Rads per hour.

Holy Scheisse, Batman!

The effects of radiation are cumulative, so 40 Rads per hour will result  in  a total of 80 Rads of exposure in two hours,

120 Rads of exposure in three  hours, and so on.

100 Rads, or about 1000 Millisieverts, will result in the symptoms  commonly  referred to as “radiation sickness”.  200 Rads, or about 2000  Millisieverts,

will make you as sicker than the proverbial dog.

Considering that 400 Rads would definitely put you in a hospital, and 600  would absolutely, positively kill you dead, 40 per hour is bad news,


After about ten hours of exposure at that rate you would definitely wind  up

deathly ill and would have a 50-50 chance of winding up dead.   IF you

survived, you would also have about a 50 percent chance of developing some  form of malignant cancer.

After about 15 hours of exposure at that rate, you would not have to worry  about ever getting cancer, because you would be dead in a few weeks to a

month.  600 rads of exposure will be 100 percent fatal.

40 rads per hour will definitely ruin your day.  The level at what used to  be the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex has apparently risen a LOT higher

than that, because the entire facility has been completely evacuated as of  2000 hours MDST today:

http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/03/15/japanese-nuclear-panic-rises-agency- says-radiation-leaking-atmosphere/

Break out your Survey Meters and your dosimeters, folks.  You need to  check

these out and confirm that they are recently calibrated and zeroed  properly.

I last checked my dosimeters in January of 2011.  Now you know why I check  their zero at least once every year.

I have issued out dosimeters to myself and my wife, and to two of our  neighbors who travel outside of our immediate area on a regular basis.

They  can phone in the readings from their dosimeters every day or two, and I  can  re-zero dosimeters that are brought back to my house.  If they can tell me

where they traveled to each day, I can calculate where they might have  been  exposed to radiation.

Mine are military surplus dosimeters, so these are designed to survive the  abuse of field conditions.  We have a neighbor who has some of the old

Civil  Defense dosimeters, but I don’t know how well they will hold up under  field

use.  From looking at them, I believe that they may be designed for only  light use.

Use what you have, and forget about being able to buy any dosimeters or  Radiation Survey Meters now that the balloon has gone up. There never was

enough of this equipment to outfit everybody.  Anything that was available  last week is long gone now.

In a pinch, you can check the current Radiation readings that are  available  online :  http://www.blackcatsystems.com/RadMap/map.html .


Not every city is represented, and these will only work for as long as the  websites and/or the Internet are allowed to continue to operate.  (NOW we

really know why Barry wanted his very own “Internet Kill Switch”, don’t  we?)

If anyone doubts my math, please check it for me:

http://unit-converter.org/UnitConverter/convert?uc_class=28&uc_value=10&uc_ sigdigits=5&uc_unit=532&uc_cat=4&commit=Convert






–Jack Foote, KE7FDZ

As a soldier, I see things a little differently than other folks  sometimes.

Some folks might see an obstacle.  Other folks might see an opportunity.

I  see a natural choke point with flank security.



4 thoughts on “Radiation Risks – READ CAREFULLY”

  1. Japan; Have You Thought This Through Folks?
    Posted by: “John Stroebel” john.stroebel@gmail.com freedomriderman
    Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:14 am (PDT)

    I’ve received many responses from the neocon ultra-far left after I
    forwarded news articles on this. Mainly it was ‘it is not THAT BAD’ and ‘So
    you want to stop nuclear energy when it is so cheep?’ and ‘Go crawl under
    your bed if this scares you.’

    I find that amusing. But have they thought this through?

    No one knows the extent of the radiation that will reach here. All we DO
    know is this is not GOOD. And we will NOT know for a month or two. And who
    tells us it is not ‘all that bad’? The same people who told us that the Gulf
    Spill was leaking ‘a thousand barrels a day’ the first week it started. That
    would be the Government. What surprises me is that these ultra-far right
    neo’s who live to bash Obama….and rightly so…now hang on his every word
    in relation to the ‘good news’ that things are not all that bad’.

    Second, no one said one word about stopping nuclear energy. But it is NOT
    cheep energy. Any of you live on the grid where the electricity comes from a
    nuke plant? It is NO less expensive than elsewhere. In fact, in Philly and
    Los Angeles it is MORE expensive. There is nothing good about paying the
    same or more for something that has this much potential damage it can cause.
    Add to that the fact that, instead of coal fired plants which put money back
    into the States where it is mined. Uranium mining does very little of that.
    I can’t see why any neo would prefer THAT to coal mining, unless they are

    The ‘go crawl back under your bed’ ‘opinions’ make me laugh. I am looking at
    this as potentially disastrous. those tho ignore or deny it seem to be those
    with their heads in the sand. 🙂

    Now there is also the damage it will do to our economy, the economy of Japan
    and our relations with them. If Japan needs hard cash to rebuild after an
    8.9 quake and a 30 to 40 ft tsunami hitting their heavily populated Island
    nation, do you consider that all they need to do is call in the notes from
    their biggest debtors? That would be us, the USA. DO you think we won’t be
    heavily damaged in we pay up or if we do not? Then there is the damage to
    our economy when another coast has their fishing industry take a hit. That
    much radiation rolling into the ocean WILL put the legal limits for it over
    the edge. The legal limits are NOT all that high, because being exposed to
    radiation in this way is cumulative. It adds up every time you eat
    contaminated fish.

    That is associated with the question, ‘What about all the testing that we
    did, it didn’t hurt us why will this hurt us”? Well it did hurt us. The
    estimates of Americans who died of cancers and diseases directly caused by
    radiation we put in the air and water since 1950 is over one million.
    Exactly because it is cumulative. First bits of a contaminated fish…no
    problem. A few years of it? You have a problem. Then add to that the added
    contamination this one event will cause. If you think that will not hurt the
    industry or those who sell ocean fish, you are dreaming.

    Then there is the death toll of the Japanese and anyone who lives there for
    a time. Those who drink their eater, eat their home grown foods, swim in
    their ocean. Does anyone not understand that the initial death numbers is a
    drop in the bucket compared to the deaths from being exposed to the
    cumulative effects of this radiation? Come back in 10 years, you will see a
    whole lot of the dead from this. Japan is our best and greatest ally who
    stands between us and China. Take that into account when they can not afford
    to have as large a military after this.

    Last is the cry of ‘There is hardly ANY radiation coming over to here!’ or
    ‘There is NO radiation coming here!’ That is simply nonsense. Do you
    actually think that in a week or two we know how much radiation will be
    moved by the Jet Stream to our West Coast? Do you think the little bit of
    testing NASA and the military have done shows us anything like the big
    picture? Do you think, if it WAS a dangerous amount, they would TELL us?
    Well, if you do, you are sure trusting the Government that has lied to you
    over and over for decades, To your own peril. And once more, if a very small
    amount comes over, you could say, ‘It is just a tiny amount” then when the
    winds blow harder, when the ocean currents bring the sea water here, when
    the fish you buy builds up a burden of radiation, you will see the real
    effects. Radiation is like sand….you hold a small amount in your palm, it
    is no problem. It will not pass through your skin. When you breath it or
    swallow it, it stays in you for your entire life and irradiates you. Then
    the hammer hits…every day you will be adding to the sand in your palm
    ANOTHER load for that day, and the next and so on. That means sooner or
    later, most likely sooner, you won’t be able to hold the amount of sand you
    have in your palm. The amount of radiation you ingest will be the same…a
    hair’s weight of it, added to another the next day and so on will be inside

    Then the effects of this? You won’t see it when you look around tomorrow.
    Everyone here will seem fine. Come back in 10 or 15 years? a
    much different story.

    And with all that, I have not mentioned the death an d destruction being
    experienced in Japan TODAY. That country received multiple times the amount
    of damage that a nuclear bomb would cause. They are REELING. It is more
    damage than WE would receive if a nuke hit NY Boston Philly and Baltimore.
    IT was said that the quake and tsunami only hit the north-east corner of
    Japan. Well, that area is much more heavily populated than the north-east
    corner of the USA. Would YOU consider the destruction of the North East
    corner of the USA…from Maine to Maryland, to be ‘minor’?

    Now to sum this up, you have a lot of damage. And if you wish to put your
    head back in the sand instead of facing this and working to do something to
    make it better, that is your choice. If after reading this you believe it is
    better to do little or nothing, no one could change your mind. That is one
    of our freedoms. Me? I am leaning HARD on my Reps and Senators to DC, to
    Obushma, I am writing to the Editors of newspapers and I am digging into my
    pocket. You are free to do that or more, or to do nothing. God Bless America
    and thank YOU for our freedom.


  2. Japan; Have You Thought This Through Folks?
    Posted by: “Elizabeth Allen” spktruthtopower200@yahoo.com spktruthtopower200
    Wed Mar 16, 2011 11:55 am (PDT)

    Hey John: I am one of those on the left who have been fighting against nuclear power for decades. I live near one of these monsters which is built on sand and pilings…its called Artifical Island and has 4 power plants leaking. The uranium is stored all around the place so bad they cant remove the casts because the Delaware River isnt deep enough for ships to come get it…we have no disaster plan, no evacuation plan. Did you know that 2 plants in California are sitting on a fault…which they didnt even know about until they built the damn plants. NH governor is shutting down his leaking power plant. Thats real leadership. Obama is dead wrong on this issue and it was pointed out to him by the NH Gov. last week. These monsters are leaking all over this country. If you like BP, and their lies you will love the lying Nuclear Regulatory Commission. There is a reason why there havent been any built for 30 years, cuz Wall street banksters know they are
    unsafe and wouldnt invest in them…they want the US taxpayers to build them. Do you know how many millions of gallons of water it takes on a daily basis to keep these monsters going? This is an issue neither right or left…this is a safety issue for the american people. The same people (GE) that built the plants in Japan have built 43 of those same old plants here…they are all leaking my friend. It will take l billion years for this radiation to be absorbed…think there will be a planet around in one billion years if we continue on this path. The thing we have to wrap our heads around. CONSERVATION. …CONSERVE. ..WE cannot go on just living like energy will always be there that is infinite…it isnt.


  3. Re: Japan; Have You Thought This Through Folks?
    Posted by: “William Miller” Bmillcwc@aol.com
    Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:00 pm (PDT)

    John, we have not seen anything yet. Google the health of people after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki WW2. Children were becoming deformed, sick, dying. Of course it is being down played. They do not want law suits, and also create more people against Nuclear Power.


  4. Japan; Have You Thought This Through Folks?
    Posted by: “Elizabeth Allen” spktruthtopower200@yahoo.com spktruthtopower200
    Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:06 pm (PDT)

    What the US media and their corporations dont want us to know is this: ALL these plants have been leaking for years. My friend Frieda Berryhill an expert on nuclear power, single handedly prevented a nuclear power plant from being built in Delaware. We are surrounded by about 9 of them…all leaking! There is no disaster plan. We have been requesting the Legislature provide one for 30 years…they refuse. The NRC comes to every meeting and double talks, using double speak to make sure the scientists and the friends of the earth voices are over looked. Newspapers refuse to print any of the testimony we provide. They just ignore us. Its called fasism…when corporations, media and government all work together against the citizens..fascism. ..


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