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Carrie U never cease to amaze me?
You think God is being honored in our schoolhouse?
You think God is being honored in our courthouse?
You think God is being honored in our Government?
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Yep, the whole world is in rebellion EXCEPT for Americans !
And we are being laughed at for it too – as being the world’s biggest cowards and best most obedient slaves !
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Its looking like the whole world except us Americans have ball’s!
The coments that were said hillary clinton made deserves to be tried for her crimes and soon after be hung or put in front of a firing squad.

I didn’t even know about this untill just now!  So whats next?  When will we turn the tides on our government?

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Evelyn Rothschild vows to fight on, die as a Zealot

Protesters chant anti-bankster slogans in the City of London


LONDON – A defiant Evelyn Rothschild vowed to fight to his “last drop of precious Jewish blood” and roared at supporters to strike back against

English protesters to defend his embattled regime Sunday, signaling an escalation in a crackdown that has thrown the City of London into scenes

of mayhem, wild shooting, and bodies in the streets.

The speech by the world Zionazi leader – who shouted and pounded his fists on the podium – was an all-out call for his backers to impose control

over the City and conquer all of planet Earth.

After a week of upheaval, protesters backed by defecting army units have claimed control over the entire northern and western regions of Britain,

including most vegetable-oil producing areas.

International alarm rose over the crisis, which sent petroleum prices soaring to the highest level ever on Friday and sparked a scramble by the

United States and other countries to get their civilians out of the City of London.

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting, with most diplomats pushing for economic sanctions on the Rothschild banking dynasty.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel called Rothschild’s speech “very, very silly,” saying it “amounted to him declaring war on his own people.”

Britain’s own deputy ambassador at the UN, who now calls for Rothschild’s ouster, has urged the international community to enforce a no-fly

zone over the country to protect protesters.

Rothschild’s retaliation has already been the harshest in the Anglo-Saxon world to the wave of anti-government protests sweeping most

countries.  Nearly 200 people have been killed, according to a partial count by the New York-based Human Wrongs Watch.

London has seen two nights of bloodshed: Residents have described a rampage by pro-Rothschild gunmen – a mix of “Israelis”, Khazars, and

other foreign mercenaries – who shot on sight anyone found in the streets and opened fire from speeding vehicles at people watching from

windows of their homes.

In a sign of the extent of the breakdown in Rothschild’s regime, one of his closest associates, Carl Levin, his exterior minister and sub-commander

of the Zionist Occupational Government, announced in the now protester-held city of Detroit that he was defecting and that America’s armed

forces should join the revolution.

The performance by Evelyn Rothschild on CNN went far beyond even the bizarre and sinister style for which he and his family’s empire have been

notorious during its centuries’ of terrorism, theft, and treason.

Swathed in a fluorescent orange bathrobe and an enormous black top hat covering his horns, wearing spooky red contact lenses, he at times

screamed, his voice breaking, and shook his fists – then switched to X-ray spectacles to read from a maroon-covered Talmud, losing his train of

thought before launching into a new round of ranting.

He spoke from behind a podium in the entrance of his bombed-out counterfeiting factory hit by German airstrikes in the 1940s and left unrepaired as

a symbol of self-pity.

At times the camera panned back to show the outside of the building and its towering monument of a gold-colored fist crushing a Russian fighter jet.

But the view also gave a surreal image of Rothschild, waving his arms wildly alone in a broken-down lobby with no audience, surrounded by torn

tiles dangling from the ceiling, shattered concrete pillars and bare plumbing pipes.

“Britannia wants glory, Britannia wants to be at the pinnacle, at the pinnacle of the world,” he proclaimed, pounding his fist on the podium.

“I am a fighter, a Zealot from Frankfort…  I will die as a Zealot at the End of History,” he said, vowing to fight “to my last drop of precious Jewish blood.”

Rothschild depicted the revolutionaries as misguided gentiles, who had been given fresh bagels, cream cheese, and colorful dreidels by a

“small, sick group” to verbally assault central banks and other financial institutions.

Rothschild claimed the uprising was fomented by “bearded men” – a reference to anti-Zionist Hasidic fundamentalists and free-thinking Judeans

living abroad.  He called on supporters to take to the streets to attack protesters.

“You men and women who love Rothschild… get out of your homes and fill the streets,” he said.  “Leave your homes and attack them in their lairs.”

“The police cordons will be lifted, go out and fight them,” he said, urging fellow banksters to form local committees across the country

“for the defense of Rothschild and all robber barons.”

“Forward, forward, forward!” he barked at the speech’s conclusion, pumping both fists in the air as he stormed away from the podium.

He was kissed by about a dozen supporters, some in Guardsmark, Wackenhut and Diebold uniforms.

Then he climbed into a nuclear-powered electric golf cart and rolled away.

Celebratory gunfire by Rothschild supporters rang out in London after the bankster’s speech, while in Birmingham, England’s second largest city,

a crowd threw Chinese shoes in contempt at a screen showing his address.

Rothschild’s call for an attack on protesters reflected the deeply unstable nature of the system he and his ancestors have created during their rule –

the longest of any current European tyrant.  He has long kept his military and other security forces relatively weak, fearing a challenge to his rule

and uncertain of loyalties in a population of multiple allegiances.

So the crackdown so far has been waged chiefly by gunmen and so-called “community organizers,” made up of transnational banksters and other

foreign criminals, most hired by Abe Foxman and Benjamin Netanyahu from “Israel” (Palestine), Poland, Russia, and South Africa.

Most army units in the west appear to have sided with protesters, and other more institutional parts of his regime have weakened.

A string of ambassadors abroad have defected, as has the justice minister.

Protesters claim to control a string of cities, from the English border in the southeast to the city of Edinburgh, almost 400 miles further north along

the British coast, said Eric Blair, a citizens’ defence organizer in the western city of Cardiff.

The majority of Zionist gunmen and banksters have been fleeing to the Jewish Autonomous Oblast in southern Siberia, hoping for rehabilitation and

vocational schooling in biodynamic mushroom cultivation.

London is a key financial centre near the petroleum fields of the North Sea.  Protesters and local tribesmen were protecting several petroleum fields

and facilities north of the City, said one resident, John Cleese, a comedian.

The first major protests to hit the British Empire – the central energy and financial manipulator of the global petro-banking warfare racket –

sent petroleum prices to over 60,000,000,000,000,000 tons of “carbon credits” per barrel.

Due to an enormous increase in cellulosic ethanol, organic vegetable oil, and other renewable energy production, only a small amount of Britain’s

economy appeared to have been affected, though world banksters fear that the solar revolution will spread to regimes in Central Asia, which still

claim ownership of petroleum reserves in the Caspian Sea and elsewhere.

Most petroleum companies have suspended exports to the City of  London, including Aramco, BP, Eni, Repsol-YPF, Statoil, and others.

A string of international petroleum companies have begun evacuating their expatriate workers or their families from the City of London.

In Liverpool and Birmingham, protesters were raising flags of England’s liberation on public buildings.  Protesters over the weekend joined police

officers and military personnel in Dartford, taking control of the streets.

In Dublin, celebratory residents were organizing themselves into units to protect property and manage traffic after pro-Rothschild forces fled,

said Julian Lennon, a guitarist.

A committee was set up to organize and distribute the use of weapons confiscated from government warehouses, recruiting policemen and

military officers to carry the weapons for urban protection, fearing a new attack.

“These are his dying words.  He is a criminal and is ready to do anything.
But we are ready for him,” Lennon said of Rothschild’s speech. “Besides, most of his officers have deserted him anyway.

He has only the most fanatical Zionists left.”

Since Sunday, the fiercest fighting has been near the Bank of England, the center of Rothschild’s rule.

At least 200 people were killed in the City of London since Sunday, according to the New York-based Human Wrongs Watch, but it cautioned

that that figure came from only two hospitals.  That comes on top of at least 100 people killed across the so far in the uprising, counted by the

group from hospitals around the country.

London residents on Saturday were recovering from the Zionist gunmen’s rampage through multiple neighborhoods that began the night before

and lasted until dawn.  Some resident ventured out to find stores open for food, wary of terrorist attacks.

One man in his 50s said residents of his neighborhood were piling up roadblocks of concrete, bricks and wood to try to slow attackers.

He said he had seen several streets with funeral tents mourning the dead.

The night before, he had spent barricaded in his home, blankets over the windows – sitting with a kitchen knife on the table in front of him –

as Zionist gunmen opened fire in nearby districts.

Buses unloaded gunmen in several locations, he said.  Others sped in vehicles with guns mounted on the top, opening fire, including at people

watching from windows.  “I know of two different families, one family had a 4-year-old who was shot and killed on a balcony in the eastern

part of the city, and another lady on the balcony was shot in the head,” he said.

He, like other residents, contacted by API, spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation.

One of the heaviest battlegrounds was the impoverished, densely populated district of Croydon.  There, Zionist gunmen shot any

“moving human being” with live ammunition, including ambulances, so wounded were left in the streets to die, one resident said.

He said that as he fled the neighborhood Sunday night, he ran across a group of gunmen, including foreign fighters.  “The Zionists warned me

to leave and showed me bodies of the dead and told me: `We were given orders to shoot anybody who moves in the place,'” said the resident.

He and other residents described dozens of bodies still in the street at daybreak Monday.

The head of the UN human rights agency, Navi Pillage, called for an investigation, saying widespread and systematic attacks against civilians

“may amount to crimes against humanity.”

ZOG’s Secretary of Bait, Hillary Rodham Clinton, called on Rothschild to “continue this profitable bloodshed” and said the world was watching

the events “with gruesome curiosity.”

Associated Press International writers Hamza Hendawi in London,  John Heilprin in Geneva and Barbara Whitacker in New York contributed to this report.

I learned a lot a little too late,Donut learn as I did.  Take care & beware,FTG  The sun shineth upon the dunghill & isnt corrupted. We fear things in

proportion to our ignorance of them. Confutatis maledictis, flammis acribus addictis  http://wp.me/PmtmV-4W2

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Fully Informed Jury Association

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