United Nations, United States and European Union: Fine to kill Gentiles

United Nations, United States and European Union: Fine to kill Gentiles–But Protect the Jews (Khazars)?


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Vatic Note: Just to clarify, we have put up a couple of good blogs on Khazars again, as others joining us do not know the difference or history behind how the “Real”  Jews (10% of those that call themselves Jewish) came to be used as a front for all the horrors the remaining 90% Jews who are really Khazars,  have visited upon this planet and practically everyone in it.  Its not the good people we are talking about who are khazars, its the leaders and high positioned SATANIC leaders of industry, politics, banking, etc.  who are the problem.  Unfortunately until the grassroots Khazars come out like the real Jews have done, and take a stand against the behavior and actions of their fellow khazars, they will also be blamed for these atrocities and satanic acts of their fellow Khazarians.  Below is a result of their increased consolidation of power and control over the power structure of the globe and only WE can stop it at this point.  “We have met who will save us, and its us”!  Believe me when I say you do not want to live your life under the control of someone with no conscience,  no humanity, and no belief we are human.
They see all humanity as Cattle except for themselves and they have even experimented with trying to breed us into cattle with enough of a brain to work as slaves with no questions asked or resistance.  We have put up blogs, pictures, and proof of this attempt at doing such an act.  No, better to “resist” than to succumb.  Trust me


The SPLC and ADL “Hate” breeding Brigade is at it again.

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Vatic Note: We are crazy if we give up our guns in this environment with foreign occupying forces trying to take them away from us.   If you don’t believe these satanists will not kill millions of muslims and Christians the minute they get those guns,  you are not paying attention.  Remember, this is exactly what these Khazars did in Russia when they completed their revolution in the “Soviet Union”.   Wonder what they intend to call us “The Soviet Union of America”?   You know doggone well, they have another Stalin type waiting in the wings to do the dirty deeds when its time. If you think these Khazar Rothschild foreign occupying forces are not serious, you are sadly mistaken.

Just one example. Chertoff, a dual Israeli citizen hired an ex KGB intel secret service gestapo expert who is also a dual israeli citizen as operations man for Homeland Security and what is he doing in that capacity????  TELLING TSA TO USE PORNOGRAPHY ON OUR POPULATION BY FEELING UP LITTLE KIDS AND CALLING IT SECURITY. Excuse me, I do not want to be unarmed with these perverts hanging around.  In Israel they were shooting unarmed palestinian teenagers in order to harvest their organs to sell in the west.   TALK ABOUT “TERRORISM”,  THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE MOSSAD ORG ADL AND SPLC  ARE DOING TO US, “TERROR” with all these lies. AND NO WAY WE GIVE UP OUR GUNS WITH ALL THIS GOING ON.  IS THIS THE AMERICA YOU WANT??? Lord, I hope not.   But if you disarm, its the America you will get.  THIS IS DEADLY SERIOUS.   THESE ARE PSYCHOPATHS OF THE WORST KIND. You have seen it for yourselves and you know the “TRUTH” of it.   We saw them execute an unarmed 19 year old American rescue aid worker after he was already suffering from a gutt wound….. that is the kind of behavior we can expect with these satanists.  They did the same thing to the USS Liberty and to 9-11 and then threw the bodies into a garbage dump uncovered for birds, and bugs to eat them.  Come on, folks, lets quit this dancing around about what is right smack in front of our faces.  NO MORE COGNITIVE DISSONANCE.

Right now they barely half way behave themselves because we are armed, AND THEY ARE A MINORITYITS WAY PAST TIME TO DO AN ICELAND HERE AND START THROWING THESE CRIMINALS IN JAIL FOR ALL THEIR CRIMES AGAINST THIS NATION AND ITS PEOPLE.   THIS IS ONE OF THEM…. this perpetual call for sedition and violence of one segment of the population against another segment is criminal and promoting violence and crimes to be committed.  This is the equivalent of “YELLING FIRE IN A CROWDED THEATRE” which has been treated as murder for doing so.   We must not succumb to their callings, (Remember UNITED WE STAND, DIVDED WE FALL) but the minute we give up those guns,  then they can act just like they do in Palestine with those poor people being seriously brutalized, maimed, TORTURED, sexually assaulted, and murdered… and encarcerated in the thousands in concentration camps.  DOES FEMA CAMPS RING A BELL?    NO thanks.  You do not surrender your weapons to animals who lack all forms of humanity and globally recognized forms of civilized behavior.  THAT IS PURE SUICIDEWAKE UP!!!!!!!!! If they declare martial law without justification, then we are in the right legally and that will be the time to act. Otherwise, keep the peace but most importantly KEEP YOUR GUNS. This below is a perfect example of why you must do that and how a foreign country has control of us in this country who in  250 has not had any of this happen as its happening,  UNLIKE the occupiers who leave behind this kind of sickness everywhere they control.

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Latest Rhetoric Against the Constitution, Activists and States Rights

By Kevin Hayden – TruthisTreason.net Contributing Writer Activist Post

Abe Foxman of the ADL
The Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again, demonizing free speech and constitutional ideas. On February 23rd, the SPLC released a report entitled, “US Hate Groups Top 1,000” wherein they lump neo-Nazi skinheads, violent extremists and “constitutional patriots” into the same category. The Poverty Center loves to use media buzzwords in order to get their own hate speech heard, using terms like militia, conspiracy theories and ‘radical right’ to whip the pundits into a frenzy.

Mainstream politicians have promoted many of the ideas and conspiracy theories important to these groups. Last April, for example, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed S.B. 1070, the harshest state anti-immigrant law in the country, setting off a flood of proposals for similar laws. State legislators also have offered proposals that would roll back birthright citizenship, bar judges from considering Islamic law in state courtrooms, institute an alternative currency, and even allow a state to disregard federal laws and regulations.

Meanwhile, there are growing signs that the extremist movement is already producing significant acts of terrorism.

-Southern Poverty Law Center, Feb. 23, 2011

While the SPLC consider these ideas to be extreme, conspiratorial or flat out scary, I don’t see much wrong with legally elected legislators fulfilling their job duties. Arizona is suffering a severe budget strain from the illegal immigration issue there. Like it or not, it is the Federal government’s duty to defend the national borders and handle these issues. Arizona is in the interesting position of having a state border that shares a national borderline. When the Federal government fails, what are states supposed to do? Sit back and cross their fingers?

On the topic of barring American courtrooms and judges from considering international law – regardless of origin – I have to really question the SPLC’s own mental stability. In the United States criminal justice system, verdicts, actions and enforcement are based upon a clearly written set of American laws pertinent to that jurisdiction. If it’s illegal to assault your significant other in the state of Nebraska, why would a Nebraska domestic violence judge use any other guidance to render a judgement other than the facts of the case and Nebraska law? But again, the Southern Poverty Law Center is utilizing buzz words, such as “Sharia law” in order to be heard. (VN:  Once again stirring up FEAR AND HATE, talk about HATE SPEECH, has anyone arrested them?  The proof is in writing, so what is HOMELAND SECURITY WAITING FOR, THIS IS AMERICA, NOT ISRAEL. GOT IT??? THEY ARE USING TERROR TACTICS TO MANIPULATE PUBLIC POLICY AND THAT IS THE CLASSIC DEFINITION OF “TERRORISM”.  SO DO WE OR DO WE NOT HAVE A DUTY TO ARREST THEM, I DON’T CARE IF THEY ARE MOSSAD, AND IF SO, WHY ARE WE NOT ACTING LIKE IT WHEN WE ARE THREATENED?   WE MAYBE FOREIGN OCCUPIED BUT WE ARE NOT LEGALLY A FOREIGN “COLONY”  OF ISRAEL YET.)

It makes no difference what other country the law comes from, whether it’s religious in nature or even intended for maritime law – the use of any set of rules other than the laws of that particular jurisdiction in which the offense is committed is frivolous and pointless to discuss. If judges are considering and applying “Sharia law” or British law or even Finnish law in an American court room, they should be removed from the bench. Sadly, some states have to explicitly write bills barring the use of foreign law in their respective courts and the SPLC jumps on this in order to justify their expensive existence.

(Editorial note: The recent outcry over Oklahoma passing a law specifically barring Sharia law has some merit. The bill should have simply barred all foreign laws, religious laws, etc. instead of focusing on Sharia law. It casts a grim cloud over the state and shows the Islamophobia that exists. (VN:  due to  the screeching slurs put out by both the SPLC and the ADL who are racists against muslims) Sadly, I believe that was the motivation instead of simply correcting an academic and legal problem.)

In regards to alternative currencies, some legislators, economists and scholars say that the only way to save the American economy and way of life is to implement an alternative or competing currency. States like Virginia are writing bills as an insurance policy against the meltdown of the Federal Reserve and the death of the dollar. While not specifically attacking the greenback, Virginia legislators clearly state that their intention is to explore other options as a back-up for their state economy. I find that very sensible. The SPLC considers that to be extreme and radical.  (VN:  That is because the SPLC and ADL  work for mossad and the international Rothschild Khazar bankers, its what they are “SUPPOSE” to say.   Check out Protocol #12 of the Protocols and you will see it written right in there. No one should be surprised by any of this, they are losing control world wide especially in the middle east and they are grabbing here in order to completely take over so they can control our entire military and do whatever they need to to repel the rebels in “GREATER ISRAEL” of the middle east and blame us.  Forget it.)

Congressman Ron Paul, a brilliant economist and chairman of the House Monetary Policy Subcommittee, advocates for a variety of competing currencies that could serve to compliment our economy or as a backup plan should the dollar be unhinged as the world’s currency. Furthermore, many local areas already use alternative currencies. In Michigan, for example, the Liberty Dollar is in wide-spread use among private businesses and citizens. In New York, the Ithaca Hour is used as a currency for one hour’s worth of work. It has inspired similar “alternative currencies” in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and elsewhere. A private transaction is just that; private.

And finally, the SPLC considers state’s rights to be null and void in their article. The Tenth Amendment, which is part of the Bill of Rights, was ratified on December 15, 1791. The Tenth Amendment explicitly states the Constitution’s principle of federalism by providing that powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved to the states or the people.

I fail to remember where the Constitution says that marijuana is illegal and gives the Federal government the authority to imprison those in possession of it. Oh wait, it doesn’t. In fact, the Constitution was written on cannabis paper (hemp). Therefore, that power is reserved for the States to decide. So why does the DEA enforce drug possession laws across the country from the Federal level, sometimes in conflict with state and local laws?  (VN:  Because the International money laundering bankers hate competition)

* During 2009, “state sovereignty resolutions” or “10th Amendment Resolutions” were introduced in the legislatures of 37 states; in seven states the resolutions passed (Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Tennessee).

* During 2010, resolutions were introduced or reintroduced into the legislatures of 21 states; the resolution passed in seven states (Alabama, Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, South Carolina, Utah, and Wyoming).

* A state sovereignty resolution has been prefiled for the upcoming 2011 session of the Texas Legislature.

* As of March 2010, legislators in seven states have introduced legislation which would seek to nullify federal legal tender laws in the state by authorizing payment in gold and silver or a paper note backed 100% by gold or silver.

* As of March 2010, legislators in seven states have introduced legislation which would permit the Governor of the state to recall any National Guard troops from overseas deployments (such as in Iraq and Afghanistan).

* As of March 2010, legislators in four states have introduced legislation which would nullify federal regulation of commerce and activities which are solely within the boundaries of a state and which do not cross state lines.

* Legislators in three states have introduced legislation which would make it a crime for any federal agent to make an arrest, search or seizure within the state without getting the advance, written permission of the Sheriff of the county in which the event would take place.

* and the list goes on and on regarding intra-state commerce, gun laws and more.

Are these crazy legislators? Are they considered hate groups or extremists for authoring these bills? The Southern Poverty Law Center would have you believe so because they consider patriots to be domestic threats and “already producing significant acts of terrorism.” (VN:  This can only be the case if we “have been invaded and are occupied”.   You seriously need to get that because that is the case, under foreign occupational rule, they can make anything legal or illegal at their whim, and you have no say about it, ASK THE IRAQI’S, AFGHANI’S AND PAKI’S)

Kevin Hayden is a former New Orleans police officer-turned-political activist. He endured Hurricane Katrina’s chaos and societal collapse in the days following and after 5 years in New Orleans, he moved to Oklahoma. Kevin currently runs http://www.TruthisTreason.net and works on local politics and education about our monetary, food and foreign policies while building an off-grid shipping homestead and helping people become prepared. He can be contacted directly at Contact@TruthisTreason.net.

The article is reproduced in accordance with Section 107 of title 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States relating to fair-use and is for the purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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