Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination

Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination

Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination
written by A Truth Soldier

Yes there is such a thing and it most definitely is happening..

I am about to tell you about modern technology, satellites and the internet, and how these are used to remotely assassinate people while they drive down the road.

I was a master auto mechanic for a major part of my life. I long ago realized and watched th development of these remote features into modern vehicles (cars, trucks and most possibly, small private aircraft).

Please read my article on cell phones to learn more.

Okay first I will tell you about features that you know about. Such as electronic brake controls, ignition, Gps locating, microphones, web cams, gas pedals, cruise control, etc etc.

Todays vehicles devices are all controlled by computer controlled electronics.

Now here is the shocker for you… Someone sitting at a computer anywhere on earth can run simple software that can identify and locate any modern vehicle anywhere on earth.

This individual can listen to your conversations, can watch your on board camera (if vehicle is equipped with such) can monitor all your vehicle’s activities.

With modern technology, this individual can know exactly what weather you are driving in and exactly where you are to within a fraction of an inch..

If this individual has been assigned to monitor or assassinate you, this idivual has limitless was of bringing about your death and no one would ever know that you have been targeted and eliminated by remote assassination.

Another possible scenario is a rendition..(kidnapping). They can shut off your vehicle and cell phone at a predetermined location and have operatives set up to kidnap you. It can be as simple as someone stopping to offer you aid by offering you a drive and you will disappear and never be seen again. Then the remote agent just turns your vehicle back on and another operative will just drive your vehicle away and it will now become another car in a private junk yard being stripped for parts..

If you are on one of your routine drives such as coming from work or going to the gym ..the assassinator will easily get to know your driving habits by just looking into the digital recorded history of your vehicle.. All digital information is stored for ever.. There are unimaginably huge computers used on this planet that store all information worldwide in data banks that are never erased.. Yes these huge computers do exist.

So if you have been targeted then it is a very simple thing to study the digital data files of your vehicles history and the same goes for your digital wireless devices, such as cell phones and laptops..

Okay now I will give some examples of the kind of things that can be done remotely to cause your death.

You could be driving your expensive luxury Cadillac down the hwy on a clear and beautiful sunny day. There is no wind. All you have are gradual long curves and hills.

You relax and turn on your cruise control and turn up the dolby sound system..

All is well, then all of a sudden your cruise control goes to full speed as you are approaching a curve on the hwy. Then you apply your electronic brakes and one of your front brakes locks and cause your vehicle to violently turn your car off the hwy and down over a cliff..

The remote assassin just killed you and no one but the secret officials will know what actually happened to you.

Your car burned up and you are most definitly dead..

Yes the individual electronic brake control can be controlled to any individual wheel remotely.

The possibilities are endless..

You could be innocently driving the down the hwy in heavy traffic during rush hour and your car all of a sudden veers off course and cuts off a huge rig which then wipes out and crushes the intended targets vehicle that was near the rig casusing a horric accident and the death of you and the intended target.

You see the indended target had an economical car that only came with a gps car theft prevention system and no sophisticated computer controlled brakes etc. or the intended target never drove in a location where an opportunity could be taken advantage of to drive the vehicle off a cliff.

You could be driving in an isolated desert road or in a isolated road in the death of winter and your car shuts down and your cell wont work and you are found days or weeks later dead of exposure…

These examples above are just a few examples of possibilities..

You see the remote assassination operators are only limited by their imaginations.

So think about this article I wrote the next time you watch a show on television that shows deadly accidents caught on video or the next time you listen to a 911 recording of someone speaking to a 911 operator while their car is accelerating at full speed to an on coming busy intersection and the drive just finished telling the 911 operator that his electronic brakes wont work and he can not turn off his electronic ignition..then the phone goes silent..

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that only governments can and do sanction you remote controlled elimination..

Any major corporation or any foreign espionage agency could target you..

Now hiring paid killers has become just a digital game on someone’s computer from anywhere in the world.

Digital computer games have definitely come to the real world…

Favorite targets are Truth Soldier and activists… or folk leaders such as inspirational rebel singers..

The possibilities are limitless..

Do you not think that it is time to put limits on these possibilities and think twice before you buy your next digital electronics controlled vehicle..

Do not believe for a second that someone somewhere is not using this technology….if it exist then yes someone is using it…

It definitly exists…

Please circulate this article….

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One thought on “Remote Controlled Vehicular Assassination”

  1. In the 1960s THEY probably used explosives. I was very young and I do remember being told this. A small explosive device was attached to an engine mount. When remotely activated the mount wound disappear and the engine would drop on one side and stretch the throttle linkage. The brakes would be disabled at the same time.


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