The Butterfly

The Butterfly

By Daniel J Towsey
 A beautiful woman is a delicate butterfly.
You can spend your whole life traveling through your existence and never let your eyes recognize one of creations most precious beauties.
You may see one flutter by and never realize the beauty that your eyes are beholding.
If you take a moment to appreciate and take in the beauty, you’ll notice that this is very hard to do.
As the butterfly’s fluttering free spirit
is never predictable.
A butterfly is not meant to be captured.
 It is to be loved for its delicate beauty.
A beautiful butterfly’s wings can never be touched as this will remove it delicate powder and will surely guarantee it’s eventual slow death.
Butterfly’s wings are coated
with a most delicate fine powder.
 As a child I looked in awe as my mother
 put on her delicate scented powder
If you damage this powder the butterfly will not be able to continue on it’s natural flight of life.
If you are fortunate enough to ever have a butterfly
Delicately land in the palm of your blossomed hand.
Give it gentle support and bless god
for having given you some beauty to behold
This world has many different butterfly’s
for your eyes to behold.
For there are limitless unique different butterflies
If you look, you’ll see that every woman is
a delicate butterfly
Then after for the rest of your life
 you will be on the look out for a butterfly and will always appreciate the beauty passing by you.
And when you do.
 You will find the most delicate smile of appreciation beaming back at you from that most delicate beautiful woman
That smile will enrich you and you will one day be
the flower that a butterfly will land on
 to spread your pollen of life.
But this can never be if you do not see gods
beautiful delicate creations
Woman is a Man’s Butterfly
Man is a Woman’s flower of life
Inspired by the Heart to Heart
love of Matty & Lauren
Please see some butterflies I have been fortunate to
Capture with my camera
Look in the Dreamgirls folder at

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