Tap Water Will Kill You

Tap Water Will Kill You!

Daniel J Towsey


Okay. Think what you want. Most of you will think that I am nuts and my title has maybe peaked your interest.


Will for the few of you who still have a healthy mind and body and are capable of free thought, (For there is no freedom without truth).


I will attempt to bring your attention to the United Nations on going CODEX Alimentarious eugenics world depopulation agenda that was started in the
50’s by ex Nazi’s that were appointed by the USA government.


I will provide you with links to videos and articles that will inform you.


I have been thinking about writing this article for some time. I feel that the time is now very pressing, since there is this huge media propaganda project
underway to motivate people to stop drinking bottled natural spring water that does not contain the poison FLUORIDE.


Here’s the short of it.


FLUORIDE is not a pharmaceutical product. It is a hazardous waste by-product from the phosphate (Cleaner), Aluminum and nuclear industries.


FLUORIDE is at the top of the periodic table of elements. It is listed as the most toxic element on earth.


FLUORIDE is essentially an acid. Ever noticed that acid re-flux started after they put FLUORIDE in the public drinking water?


FLUORIDE becomes an acid after it is combined with hydrogen…What do you think water is made of?


There was never and has never ever been any (proper) scientific studies done that FLUORIDE is safe or that it actually saves teeth.


People are losing all their teeth in fluoridated cities..anyway I could write for ever on all the proof that is available, to the fact that FLUORIDE
is going to kill you.


FLUORIDE is the cause of cancer, osteoporosis, mind deteriorating illnesses, etc etc.


FLUORIDE acid molecules are much smaller than water molecules.


Over time of continuous consumption of this acid. The acid will affect each individual differently and at different rates. Depending on where it concentrates
itself in your body.


The only remedy that I can think of is the consumption of healthy fat. For fat will absorb the acid and then it will slowly dispel it from your body.
Fat is where toxins safely collect in your body. A moderate amount of fat is very healthy for you.


Maybe now you’ll understand why the media is drilling society to think that fat is bad. Why do you think they are making the public think there are
to many fat people?


It’s not true..or I should say that I no longer have any faith in that our government or media tells us the truth about anything.


I suspect that some peoples natural defenses are working over time in the production of fat in an attempt to contain this FLIORIDE acid that is in their


(Plus this, lets not forget all the pregnant female hormones that are injected into all live stock, to make them heavier for maximum profits, also have
you noticed how girls are sexually maturing as early as 8 years old? and that many men are having sexual identity problems?)


Now back to the FLUORIDE issue.


More and more towns and cities are now eliminating FLUORIDE from their public drinking water supplies.


Now think on this. How can they control the supposed proper dose of FLUORIDE that a child is to receive. No two children will drink the same amount
of water.


Would a medical doctor give a prescription and let you self medicate anytime and in any amount you want? Would the doctor also not provide you with guidelines
as how this should be done? etc etc are you getting the point?


Here’s another thought. Would your doctor medicate all your friends, neighbors and strangers too, because he felt that you needed this medication?
Are you understanding the insanity of what I am describing?


Are you capable of researching and thinking for yourself? I hope so. Please check out all the links I will provide below. Think for yourself… I would
think you very foolish to only take my word for it.


Don’t trust the government or corporate media. Do your self a big favor. Avoid television and all corporate media. Tune into the internet’s alternative
independent truth medias. While you still can.


And then become A TRUTH SOLDIER in the war against your life and liberties.


I hope one day you will discover that there really is secret agendas by the NWO crowd.


Then be careful not to fall into another of their traps. The labeling trap.


Such as: You are paranoid, delussional, etc etc. Remember Labels are what bullies do. Please read my “The Village Idiot”



Once you realize and understand that conspiracies do exist. You will have a better chance at a healthy life.


For mental health only comes from truth. Its those that believe the lies and deceptions that are mentally ill.


The absence of truth is always insanity.


Whats to stop the NWO from increasing the FLUORIDE in the water? To increase the death rate.


Have you noticed that almost all deaths are being labeled as cancer deaths.


Did you know that cancer is man made?

Did you know that the American Cancer Institute and the Center for Disease Control are American military operations. Headquartered at Fort Detrick’s
Biological warfare lab.


Did you know that the cure for cancer has always been known?

The cure was known back in China 3000 years ago.


Many fully effective cures have been discovered by many doctors, and all of them have been blocked by the FDA.


The cure is based on vitamin B-17 and a drug was developed and tested to be 100% effect cure back in the 50’s.


The drug was called LAETRILE (Develpoped in 1953 by Dr. Dean Burk) Please note that a few years ago a drug called LAETRILE was put on the market to deliberately
fool anyone who tries to get at the truth.


Also please check out the very important links below on the related HIV AIDS US Patents.








A Truth Soldier


The Village Idiot


Resources for Truth Soldiers to links, files, videos and news


In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood and
Bioterrorism – Official Release

medical madness, cloaked in bioterrorism preparedness, will awaken the brain dead. It exposes health officials, directed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), for
conducting a War of Terror that is killing millions of unwitting Americans. This urgent life-saving DVD comes without copyright restrictions. Every viewer is encouraged to reproduce and distribute copies to others. Donations
to Tetrahedron Films to cover costs and produce more films like this are greatly appreciated online at
http://www.inlieswetrust.com or by calling toll free 1-888-508-4787. You can screen the film on behalf of local charities. It was produced by award-winning humanitarian, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz (http://www.DrLenHorowitz.com)


How healing becomes a crime (2003 video) by Ken Ausubel and Catherine Salveson



HIV = AIDS – Fact Or Fraud? 1 hour 56 min
"This movie is a serious expose of the HIV/AIDS fraud. It explains how the fraud began, how it is perpetuated, and who profits by it. The program explains ten reasons
why HIV cannot be the cause of AIDS, what the real causes could be, and why dangerous toxic drugs like AZT cause AIDS by prescription.Interviewed in this program are Dr. Peter Duesberg, Dr. Charles Thomas who initiated the
group for Scientific Reappraisal of HIV, along with other experts. This video documentary stands to date as the best complete analysis of these issues in any video form. Much of the current controversy in South Africa and
around the world over HIV as the cause of AIDS was initiated by the information presented in this video. This video has saved thousands of lives and is credited as being part of the HIV/AIDS dissident movement worldwide."

Watch this video about the 1997 US Patent for Cure for HIV AID
The USA government owns this 5676977 patent that cures HIV with only one shot

1. The US pharmaceutical industry is the biggest band of immoral crooks
who ever lived 2. The USA news media will sell and promote anything without looking into it intelligently Here’s a medical subject no one is allowed to discuss in public without being attacked.

The Strecker Memorandum (AIDS) VIDEO

Codex Alimentarius is the real threat to world health
This is how the UN is implementing their agenda

Population Control – None Dare Call it


The Codex Alimentarius
The Codex Alimentarius is a threat to the freedom of people to choose natural
healing and alternative medicine and nutrition. Ratified by the World Health Organization, and going into Law in the United States in 2009, the threat to health freedom has never been greater.

Adding death to water
Another multi-decade health conspiracy

Don’t Swallow Your Toothpaste
An eye-opening documentary about the health concerns surrounding fluoride and water fluoridation. The program first aired on Channel 4 in … all » Britain on June
19, 1997.

Fluoride Dangers
7 min 32 sec – 27-Mar-07 www.FluorideAlert.Org Up to 200,000 Australians may
be suffering illnesses as result of fluoride. This august 1 2005 report from TodayTonight discusses the medical controversy surrounding the addition of fluoride to the drinking water

Fluoride Deception
Industrial waste from aluminum manufacturing is dumped by the truckload into
our drinking water. It’s not good for your teeth, or your bones, or your organs. The Nazi’s used it to keep prisoners submissive, so did other regimes. It’s dangerous at over 1 ppm, well known by the government for decades.
Now the EPA wants to approve an increase to 70 ppm to make the corporations happy. Unfortunately it will probably make a lot of people seriously ill. 66% of our water supply is fluoridated and the people are being lied to,
facts are buried, the truth is hidden. 98% of Europe has refused fluoridation of their water, they want nothing to do with it. I guess their governments don’t want to kill them like ours does.

Forum on Water Fluoridation
A forum on the risks/benefits of water fluoridation and fluoride – featuring
Dr Euan Swan of the Canadian Dental Association, Dr. David … all » Locker of the University of Toronto, and Dr. Paul Connett of St Lawrence University/Fluoride Action Network

Health Professionals Call for End to Water Fluoridation

Interview with Daniel Stocken on the reality of Fluoride
This is an interview with Daniel Stocken by Alex Jones about the reality of fluoridation
and why we need to demand it stop being added to our water supply, to our food, to anything.

Professional Perspective on the Truth of Fluoride
Very good presentation of the FACT that fluoride is a POISON.

Videos about fluoride

A more effective cancer treatment

Chronic Diseases: Who’s killing us, and how

Poison in your food
In the 1970s G.D. Searle created"aspartame" was considered so toxic that even the notoriously corrupt FDA would not permit it in the food supply.

Psychiatry Instrument of Death
Psychiatry is literally a crime against humanity, not medicine:


Suppressing alternative cancer research
The AMA at its worst Hoxsey: How Healing Becomes a Crime

Sweet Misery – A Poisoned World (Aspartame) 1 hr 30 min
Aspartame is a neurotoxin and a carcinogen. It causes cancers, brain tumors, lupus, and more. They knew it all along. The FDA knew it too but it was all about politics.
They’ve put American lives in great danger, lives have been lost, and continue to be lost. They don’t care if millions suffer or die. Nice huh?

The Future of Food: What Every Person Should Know with Deborah Garcia

The cure for cancer – Run Time 55:00

The mystery of cancer
Here’s an alternative view on cancer

The world according to monsanto
This is what insanity looks like

Dr. Lorraine Day – Diseases Don’t Just Happen!

137 min – Aug 8, 2006 2hrs Dr. Day reveals the true causes for our didiseases and gives the cure…





There are two major reasons we don’t have a cure for cancer. Why despite
a 40 year old "war" on the disease survival rates haven’t increased one bit. The governmental meddling of the National Institutes of Health and The National Cancer Institute along with the FDA have made it difficult,
if not impossible, for doctors with breakthrough cancer therapies to bring their healing discoveries to those who need them.


Dr. Max Gerson
Dr. Max Gerson was a German physician who escaped Nazi-occupied Europe in 1936 to come to New York, where he preached a gospel of pure organic food and farming. He treated
and in many cases cured even advanced cancer with an almost completely dietary approach. When he allowed himself to be interviewed on a popular radio talk show, he was condemned by his colleagues in the New York State Medical
Society. His real crime was that he was independent of the main cancer agencies and several decades ah



FTC unleashes campaign of terror against natural cancer cures

Today the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) launched a campaign of terror against companies selling natural cures for cancer. Using the same tactics as
the FDA (fear, intimidation, legal threats, etc.) the FTC is working hard to destroy the businesses of companies offering genuine cancer cures that really work. Companies like MushroomScience. com, for example, are under attack
for daring to link to scientific studies about the anti-cancer benefits of Reishi mushrooms, and anyone using the word "cure"


Harry Hoxsey

Harry Hoxsey never studied medicine, but inherited a herbal formula that his great grandfather had developed in about 1840 after watching his prize stallion cure itself of cancer by eating a variety of
plants that the horse did not normally graze on while in pasture. He watched and gathered these herbs and used them to successfully treat cancer and tumors in other animals. His grandson, John C. Hoxsey, a veterinarian in
southern Illinois, was the first to use the formula to treat people with cancer, and claimed to have positive results. When he died, he passed the formulas on to his son, Harry Hoxsey, who opened his first cancer clinic in
1924 in a small town in southern Illinois. Thousands of patients swore the treatment cured them; but medical authorities branded Hoxsey the worst quack of the century. So began a medical war continuing to this day.


Hoxsey went on to open a large clinic in Dallas, Texas, which he expanded to seventeen clinics across the United States. He was in a continious battle with the AMA, headed by Morris Fishbein, and the
local authorities; Fishbein tried to buy the formula but when he failed, he set out to destroy Hoxsey and his clinics. Hoxsey sued Fishbein and won, causing Fishbein to have to resign his position with the AMA. But the AMA
was able to get the FDA to close Hoxsey’s clinics in 1960. Hoxsey turned the formula over to his nurse, who went to Tijuana, Mexico and established a clinic to treat cancer patients.


By the 1950s, Hoxsey’s Texas clinic was the world’s largest, with branches in 17 states. Two Federal courts upheld his treatment’s "therapeutic value." Even his arch-enemy, the American Medical
Association, admited Hoxsey’s treatment did cure some cases.


Hoxsey maintained that cancer is not only a disease, it’s a kind of psychosis. Therefore he treated the whole person: the mind, the spirit and the emotions. In the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s this was
very radical. At that same time, he recommended a diet, which in that era was also very radical because organized medicine insisted there is no connection between diet and health, or diet and disease. Hoxsey was many decades
ahead of his time.


Despite his successes, there was a prosecutorial assault throughout the 1950s, but Hoxsey won almost every single trial. However, in 1967, he received surgery during which "something went wrong".
For the last seven years of his life he was an invalid. Isolated and almost alone, people had forgotten about him; he died in 1974 without even an obituary in the Dallas newspapers.


Why won’t medical authorities investigate the treatment? Hoxsey charged a conspiracy to suppress alternative therapies. He survived decades of being "hunted like a wild beast", only to see his
clinics padlocked without the scientific test he relentlessly sought. He died a broken man, anguished over the future he felt was robbed from humanity.



Also when we begin to understand the New World Order agenda, population control is the only conclusion one can draw as to the reason
why people are sick when remedies exist that will cure them.


The Complete Guide to Treating Cancer
Here is your …FREE Introductory Version: The Complete Guide to Treating Cancer with Safe, Proven Alternative Cancer Therapies,
Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals


Dr. Dean Burk


Cancer Industry Critics List of links to professionals


The addition of fluoride, a potentially toxic substance, to the public water supply is
compulsary mass medication. It violates all ethical principles.

Fluoride – The Lunatic Drug Controversial fluoride is one of the basic ingredients in both PROZAC
(FLUoxetene Hydrochloride) and Sarin nerve gas (Isopropyl-Methyl-Phosphoryl FLUoride).













































One thought on “Tap Water Will Kill You”

  1. Great job! Some brilliant ideas there. I\’ve never connected fluoride specifically with cancer but it does stand to reason. Not to mention the many clinics that did offer Laetrile were shut down all over the world, specifically Mexico and Australia. Thanks for the info!


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