How can you be taxed when there is no tax?

How can you be taxed when there is no tax?

Daniel J Towsey


Some thirty five years ago when I attended Seneca College in Toronto. The teacher assigned me to do a presentation in front of the class. She left it up to me to pick a topic.


So I decide to do some research on an idea I got when I read an old article about the fact that there was no income tax before the second world war.


The people were told that the Federal Government needed a temporary income tax to pay for the cost of the second world war. (Which was a huge lie)


So I wondered why we still had this tax and how was it possible for our government to function just fine before this new temporary federal income tax existed?


So I stood in front of the class and I asked the class the question “How can we be taxed when there is no tax?”


All the students in the class got the dumbest looks on their faces.


But a few braves ones spoke up and tried to answer this question. But none could, for every answer ended up being a tax.


So I let them off the hook and answered it for them.


I explained that in a real democracy the people own and control their government. In a real democracy the government has its own central bank (The Bank of Canada) and the government controls the distribution and manufacture of currency (Money, Dollars).


So this hidden tax is simple. Every-time the government produces currency and spends it.


It becomes a tax on the people. For money has no value until someone agrees to do work for this paper or electronic money.


Every-time the government spends money. It dilutes the value of the money you already possess. Which is known as inflation.


So in reality a government never needs to have a direct income tax on its people. For in a properly working democracy. The people supervise its governments actions to make sure they stay honest.


A responsible government knows that a balanced amount of new currency is always necessary to be injected into the economy.


But this has to be done at a level that does not cause inflation or devalue the money already in circulation.


But, you also need to know and understand that in a real democracy the government (people) own their country and all its natural resources. Also in a real democracy, which is also known as a commonwealth, The peoples governments. Be they local, provincial or Federal, own and control all essential public utilities, such as power, communications, trains, hospitals, airline, etc.


All these public utilities create income for the peoples governments. So that the governments do not ever need to tax the people to keep these essential services operating.


(PLEASE READ My “Nova Scotia Power Report” to understand what has been happening to our public utilities}


But unfortunately their is a really serious problem that we are now just beginning to believe and understand. (Thanks to the Internet). It’s called the New World Order.


This NWO has been created by a fraudulent banking system in the USA. This privately and secretly controlled banking system is called the Federal Reserve Corporation system.


(PLEASE READ My shocking “Are you ready for the truth” article


When this privately owned system was created and took over the money system of the USA. Democracy ended.


The NWO had a hundred year plan to take over the world. They knew that if they could take over the financial systems of all countries of the world. They would end up owning and controlling everything.


(This could of never been archived without taking control of the media.)


This has been very easy for them to do. As they now have the ability to create an endless supply of money. Now please understand that money controls everything. Including the false reality that corporate media has been dishing out to you all your life.


Are you getting the meaning of this? The creation of the Federal Reserve System (Pyramid scheme) has been the single worse crime ever committed against civilisation in all of human history.


I could write books on what has been done since 1913. If you want proof. Just look on the back of the very first Federal Reserve notes that were created. The one dollar notes.


You’ll see a pyramid with the eye watching over everything. I believe this symbol is known as the illuminatti/freemason symbol. Want more proof? Under this pyramid. You see written in Latin “The New World Order”


How and why do you think the USA became the most powerful military country in the world? It’s not because the American people were smarter. The NWO which is based in London England, picked the USA because of it strategic location.


The Zionist NWO Bankers new that other countries of the world could not attack it (USA). It was to far away. They also realised that the American people were a captive audience.


The NWO knew that outside information and knowledge of the truth would never reach the population of the USA.


To further guarantee their (NWO) success. They realised that if they spoiled the people with a really high standard of living. The NWO would be free to do what ever it wants. And that no one would complain.


Their plan has worked really will. The hundredth anniversary is coming soon. Its at the end of 2012.


Know you may wonder what can we or I do?


It’s easy. Just join the army. No I mean the army of TRUTH SOLDIERS. In the war against your freedom.


PLEASE READ My “A Truth Soldier”


This army is starting a revolution. Some also call it the 911 Truth movement.


PLEASE READ my “The Gray Plane That No One Saw”


Now we have to realise that the military, police and most common people are not your enemies. They just need to learn the truth before its to late. So truth soldier on and get the word out to everyone before its to late.


Remember. If you don’t use your freedoms they will freely take them from you and they will never freely give them back to you.


Soldier on before its really THE END



"When the seeds of truth are sown,
the grassroots truth revolution
will blossom from the enlightenment"


Nova Scotia Power Report

Are you ready for the truth?

A Truth Soldier

The Gray Plane That No One Saw

Pics of the Gray Plane That No One Saw


PLEASE Join these sites. They are loaded with resources for truth soldiers, there’s thousands of files, articles, videos, links and more to the truth they don’t want you to know.


PLEASE Circulate this far and wide



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