Truth, Lies and Deceptions

By Daniel J Towsey

Remember that truth is always very simple. It is lies and deceptions that are elaborate and sophisticated. Don’t try to prove that things are lies or deceptions, if you do. You well get caught in the web of deceit. And you’ll be in it for ever.

How to destroy a web of lies. You need to be on the outside and start cutting off some of the attaching strings. It does not take many to make the web fall apart.

All you need to do is just state the simple truth. It always amazes me. That when people hear the simple truth. They automatically refuse to accept it. As they think that it must always have to be complicated. And that if it’s not. Then it can not be true.

Remember the formula that deceivers use.

If you are going to tell a lie to fool the public. Make sure it’s a huge one, and keep repeating it. Over time almost everyone will accept it as truth.

The difference between lies and deceptions. Is that deceptions always contain some truths. In that way everyone is fooled into accepting the deceptions. As people always let their guard down when they hear an easily recognizable truth in the statement.

Deceivers know that it is so easy to deceive. The deceptions are made to appear as simple truths. So simple that people automatically think that it is all true. You must recognize that professional deceivers see it all as just a psychological game.

Only those that do a lot of research come to realize that nothing that is or has ever been told to the public by government or major media is ever true.

You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Some of us are never fooled. And when we try to tell others the truth. They call us a fool. When it is them that has been fooled.

Deceivers always appear to be the most kind and sincere types. They make the best deceivers. But the reason they make the best deceivers is that they themselves have been easily deceived. Kind and decent people are the easiest to deceive. Then they become the best purveyors of the deceptions. Because they truly believe they are not trying to deceive anyone. But on the other hand, many do know that they are deceiving and just do not care.

So the remedy is to keep it simple. When someone tells or states the truth. Don’t expect it to be long winded. It does not take allot of words to tell the truth.

"Telling the truth in times of deceptions is a revolutionary act"

So join the "TRUTH REVOLUTION" This world needs you now. How do you join the "TRUTH REVOLUTION"?

You just start by learning and spreading the truth. But remember. The truth is usually very shocking. As it makes one see the whole huge horrible lie and what it really means. Then one realizes how long the lies and deceptions have been told. But worst of all it forces one to have to look at themselves.

I fear not evil doers. I fear those that do nothing about it.

You can never be free without the truth. Secrecy has to be eliminated out of any democratic government. If they were not up to evil there would be no need for secrecy.

Lies and deceptions equals mental illness.

Truth equals mental health.

A society that respects liars and evil doers.

Is a sick society.

The absolute truth is absolutely scary. But avoiding the truth is absolutely deadly.

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