The Forgotten Cambodia

Every month in Cambodia 200 people lose limbs due to mines. And are left crippled, suffering and unable to work or enjoy life. Countless others die.

Cambodia is in complete poverty. Its rice industry was destroyed by the Americans using Agent Orange. Plus all the fields are full of mines and un exploded bombs. Lets not forget all those that have died or have illnesses caused by agent orange.

Cambodia is basically a swamp, which was ideal for growing rice. Now Cambodia does not have anyway of using its land for food or anything else.

Cambodians are trapped in poverty. They can never come out of it. Cambodians do not even have the resources necessary to leave.

Cambodia has been permanently destroyed.

It is a forgotten land. As usual, American media would rather forget than remember what America has done to this country and its people.

Daniel J Towsey June 23 2007

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