My travels for truth, for truth is freedom

May 14, 2007

(Letter to an American)

All I can tell you is that things are really bad, and everyone has

Been brainwashed. There are so few with their eyes open…I have been

unto this situation for more than 30 years. But I can tell you that

for as long as people listen to the propaganda media. I feel there is no


I discovered that they were fixing the votes here in

Canada when I worked on a federal election campaign. The guy we

We’re against was the solicitor general of Canada. He was in charge of all

Police forces and that year he created the secret police called

CSIS. I was their first project. As a result of my having had many violent run ins,

with the solicitor during the election. He told me he was going to

Destroy my life…and they did. I went from having a great career to

Being on the run. It would take a book to tell all that I have been

Through. I have had nine attempts on my life many with serious

Injuries. I have been drugged, assaulted, threatened, robbed,

Imprisoned and more. I now live in poverty. They well not let me make

a living. I have had my credibility and life destroyed. I can’t

Possibly tell u all right now. But I live in absolute fear. I have

been terrorized. Did you read my "Corrupt Canadian Elections?"

article?. Just do a google search…..

But believe me the situation in this world is absolutely horrible.

I hate to tell you this but they have all been at the reigns of the

US for almost 100 years…If you do enough research, you well find

that all the wars, invasions, coups, and more have been at the hands

of the US in the past 100 years.

Even all the drug smuggling is

completely controlled by the CIA, and everything that the public has

been led to believe has been lies…

All this is controlled by the

bankers out of London. Such as the Rothchilds.(who own the Federal

Reserve)….I don’t believe there is any real working democracies

anywhere on earth. The US Zionists have made sure of that. That’s why

they have military in 130 of the worlds 200 countries…I am not anti

American. I am anti-corruption. Its ashame that all the good work of

American ancestors has been corrupted. The US used to have a

great constitution and bill of rights. But all that means nothing

now. The patriot acts made sure of that.

You people in the USA have a

dictatorship on your hands…Its just that not many realize that


Did you notice that the first thing they did in all democratic

countries. Is get gun control in place. Brought on by acts of terror

committed by the secret government forces.

This war on terror is a

joke. There is no terrorists except the secret agents…The people

doing all this are absolutely mad with power. You know the first

thing they did to get the American people under their control was to

buy them off by providing an artificially produced high standard of

living, But now that they control everything. They don’t care to do that


Thanks to the privately owned Federal Reserve that produces

money out of thin air.

By the way there is no gold reserve to back

the money. There isn’t that much gold in the whole world. Plus Fort

Knox is empty…Democracies should never owe money to commercial privately owned banks. The people should own the money and control it creation. The government then would have its own bank and never need to borrow money at interest.The

Money, or should I say, wealth should belong to everyone…What a

fraud this system of governments borrowing money is…The Bankers are

the ones that are destroying civilization.

Why do you think the CIA

killed JFK.. It’s because he had already started printing American

dollars which were backed by silver. He had already passed the law to

make it so and he had already started dismantling the CIA….He was

about to shut down the Federal Reserve System. Take a look at your

paper money. It’s not even dollars. It’s federal reserve notes…..You

know that they have completely taken over the whole of the US. With a

never ending supply of cash they have been able to buy all money

making enterprises, and even control who gets the education to get

the best jobs….etc. etc…are you getting the picture yet…The

biggest crime ever committed against civilization has been the

creation of the Federal Reserve system…..Did you know that there is no law

that says you have to pay federal income taxes. But when you do it

goes to the interest on the money owed to the Federal Reserve…so

really, the American Government (people) have no money….once you

realize that, you realize who is really controlling everything…I

suspect that the bubble well burst soon. Especially with that 8

Trillion debt. Your economy at present is being kept going

Artificially with worthless money created from credit that can’t be

paid back.

I am sorry to say but I see a financial collapse as the

end of the US as we knew it. [That’s probably why the three leaders of the US, Canada and Mexico signed a secret agreement, about 8 months ago. In Mexico to agree to create the new Amero currency. Which well just replace the collapsed money. The bankers won’t lose anything. They’ll just print what they need] after that it well be marshal law

(Tyranny) under a different name of course.

The first thing they did

is create slaves who are controlled by debt…That new Military Commissions law [torture bill]

they just passed should of really woke everyone up……Even Hitler did

not have laws passed that said he could torture anyone he wants…but

then again Hitler was financed in part by the Bushes great grand

father Prescott Bush as well as other Jewish bankers from NY


Remember the Zionists control the banks…etc etc…

you have part of the picture. Not a pretty one..

Take care my fellow

Traveler……………. Daniel J Towsey

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