My Jewish Dentist From Hell

by Daniel J Towsey

This is a true story that happened to me.

I was about eleven years old. My teeth were perfect. My family was on social assistance because my Jewish step father was in jail in Rockchester USA. He rigged the Kentucky Derby {New York City around 1970} by using a professional, full sized video camera that he had rigged with a hidden laser.[Laser technology was unknown at the time] He could zap the horses and cause the horses to lose their stride to control which one would win the race. He stood to make millions. He got caught because the FBI was notified that a Canadian resident invested a million dollars to have this custom made camera fabricated. The FBI considered this a weapon. As such it could not be sent over the border. The FBI watched him set it up and when he went to use it. They arrested him.

We lived in the City of North York [Toronto] Canada at that time.

So now here is my experience with this dentist from hell. I was scheduled to go for my first dental check up in my life. I knew nothing about dentists. The dentist was very likeable. The first thing he did was sit me in a dentist’s chair.

I noticed that the place had a really unusual odor. He then put this air mask over my nose. In a matter of just a few minutes I was drugged with nitrous oxide. I could not think well at all and I could not speak. He kept me in that chair for most of the day. He just drilled and drilled. All he ever said was. Open wide, open wide open wide. I was so drugged. I could not keep my mouth open.

At the end of this days experience. I was in a state of shock. I was very disoriented. I could barely understand what had just happened. I even had a hard time getting home. He asked me to come in the next day. When I got home I did not talk to anyone.I was too disoriented. Or a polite way to put it, I was to stoned.

The next day I returned and I experienced the same thing. All I remember is the strange music,open wide,open wide, open wide. He had a whole bunch of old family pictures of a vacation he went on attached all around the light that was blinding me all day. I was so stoned. All I did is stare at the pictures. Every time he sent me home. I could not talk to him. I was too stoned. He kept asking me to come the next day.

One day after many visits he had this absolutely huge woman assisting him. She was at least 300 hundred pounds. She got so tired of him saying open wide. That when he left the room. She came over to me and angrily said. "I’ll get you to open wide" She literally got up over me. She put her fingers in my mouth and grabbed my lower teeth and upper teeth. She pried as hard as she could and was forcing my mouth open. Even with the gas I was in absolute pain. She just about broke my jaw. I had severe pain with the joints of my jaw for the next thirty years. I was to drugged to be able to say anything.

Over time I realized that the dentist had run out of teeth to drill. So he drilled and removed fillings he had previously done. Some were redone three times.

I suffered from the effects of the nitrous oxide for many years after that. It altered my personality and severely interfered with my development.

The reason this dentist did this, is because social assistance paid for everything with no questions asked. The dentist made a small fortune in this month long nightmare.

He had removed some much porcelain from my teeth. That every few months for year after year. My teeth kept breaking. I was in and out of dentists offices for years. They were always shocked at the condition of my teeth. They knew that someone had done some really horrible work in my month.

But the worst thing of all is that he had filled my mouth with lead and mercury fillings. I then had severe health and psychological problems for more than thirty years.

While the lead and mercury was breaking down. It was poisoning me. People often thought I was on drugs. My daughter, many years later told me that she thought that I was an alcoholic. I was never a drinker and did not take any drugs.

All during these years I knew I had problems reasoning. I never knew that the lead and mercury was poisoning me. I became aware when I watched a show on television about the dangers of lead and mercury fillings. My case was at the extreme of this situation. But not once did any dentist ever mention this to me. My experiences have shown me that all professionals in any medical fields. Always cover each others butts. The patients always comes last.

Eventually my teeth were in absolutely horrible condition. I was constantly in pain. I could not smile. As my teeth were all broken.

My nightmare ended when I went to a hospitals dental clinic and asked the dentist to remove all my teeth. I wanted that lead and mercury and all the broken and rotting teeth out of my mouth. He refused. So I said to him. In a very loud voice. Why is it that a brother in law who just spent 27 years in jail for murder. When he got out he asked to have all his teeth removed, and they did it. The dentist got so scared that he agreed to take my teeth out.

I then spent the next eight months with no teeth. It was very hard to eat or talk and I looked horibble. I was homeless at the time. Social assistance would not help me. I could not get any dentures or a place to live. And I sure could not be around anyone. Social Services eventually agreed to pay for my dentures.

So I drove all night for eight months with my trailer behind my car. All through winter too. I collected scrap metals from the front of peoples homes on garbage nights. I also collected anything that I could sell to second hand stores. Also every two weeks, I sold used bicycles to Cuban sailors at the port.

Every night I had to find some hidden away places to park and sleep. All night long I had to keep my car running to keep warm. It cost a fortune to drive my car and keep it running all night. I had a huge 5500 pound car. I could never save any enough money. So that I could rent a place. I usually parked in wild wooded areas. I spent the mornings and afternoons cleaning the aluminum. I would bring the scrap metals to the recyclers before they closed. And go out and do it all over again. I drove over 5000 miles every week. I drove every single street in my city every week. I got to know all the garbage routes.

I had to take baths in lakes. And I had to eat at restaurants, which is another expense that ate up my money. Plus I had to pay for the storage place where I had my belongings and my tools.

This nightmare ended when I met a guy from Cuba at a Tim Hortons coffee shop in the wee hours of the morning. We talked for hours. And we decided to open up a used goods store. He went out and borrowed some money. I took all my belongings out of storage and opened a used goods business. Known as ‘Silverspoon Trading’. If you want to know how that turned out. Please read my "HRM Storm"

So please understand that my bad teeth and poor health as a result of my teeth poisoning me caused allot of problems with my moods. Which then interfered with my ability to function socially.

So I spent a good part of my life very much a loner.

Call me paranoid if you want for the statement I am about to write. But I feel that the adverse effects of lead and mercury poisoning was well known and is done on purpose to undermine intelligent individuals that refuse to be molded by the people who control everything. I am sure that many other peoples lives have been purposely destroyed this way.

This story is part of a series of articles I have already written. One day I may put all the articles together to write an autobiographical book.

Thanks for reading this. My health is much improved now that I no longer have lead, mercury fillings and bad teeth.

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