Why get a FLU shot?

by Daniel J Towsey

Why get a flu shot when it can only protect you from previous years flus?

To get the antibodies for the flu, you have to be injected with other year’s flu viruses.

They can’t predict the strain that well come out in the future. The whole thing is a scam.

I suspect that anyone who gets a flu shot becomes infectious and spreads the flu.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they are creating the new flu viruses that come out every year in the lab. As part of the flu shot, so they would spread the flu, but they themselves would not get sick because they have the antidote (anti-bodies).

This would be a great marketing ploy. This way anyone who has not got the flu shot will catch the flu from someone who did.

This will further make people believe they actually need the flu shot.

Since the flu shot contains the anti-bodies for the new flu they created, only ones who did not get the shot would get sick.

This will make more profits for the pharmaceutical company.

But I know of people who took the shot and two weeks later came down with the flu. (the incubation period for the flu shots is two weeks)

Now here’s another thought. If the flu shot

(which is given to 98 million Americans) is truly effective.

Why is there more people getting the flu every year?

The Pharmaceutical companies claim that they use only dead flu viruses for their culture to make the anti-flu Serum.

A virus is a living organism,

so how can they say it is dead. It is not a virus if its dead.

It has to be alive to multiply and make the large batches.

Daniel J Towsey July 11, 2006

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